Kenwood Coffee Grinder

by admin on June 1, 2011

We love our Kenwood
coffee grinder!

The delight of making real coffee with the Kenwood coffee grinder

Kenwood coffee grinder

Kenwood coffee grinder

Hi guys, I just felt that I should write this post about one of my passions and that’s fresh coffee! There is something really special about going and smelling a selection of fresh coffee beans, from around the globe deliberating over them and finally making your choice based on your nose.

The magic really starts when you get home and convert those beans into real, fresh ground coffee the aroma is so good even at this point it is almost enough to make you feel giddy! Tee hee! Call me old fashioned but I like to use older kitchen utensils, in fact I way prefer them! So this is where I get to have a little fun with my faithful old Kenwood 700D and Kenwood coffee grinder attachment.

It takes a couple of minutes to set up the machine with the kenwood coffee grinder but there is something really satisfying about using machinery that is as good as the technology that exists today. I made a little video about the delight of grinding your own coffee, and using such a beautiful, hugh quality machine such as the Kenwood Chef with the hard-to-come-by Kenwood coffee grinder.

Click play to learn more about our Kenwood coffee grinder…

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